What is a Cobot (Collaborative Robot)?

The cobot, short for collaborative robot, is a lightweight, automated robot arm that carries out manufacturing and assembly tasks. Equipped with cameras and proximity sensors, cobot can detect human presence, allowing for a smooth and effective collaboration that boosts productivity.

Meet your new productivity buddy the cobot also known as a collaborative robot a cobot is a lightweight automated robot arm that can safely share a workspace with humans notably used in manufacturing and assembly tasks while traditional industrial robots play important roles in manufacturing their cost size and programming can limit their use in some Industries a cobot can detect human presence and adjust Its Behavior accordingly due to its specialized software and several integrated sensors such as cameras Force sensors and proximity sensors cobots can also be configured to react to specific human motions or vocal commands enabling natural and intuitive interactions some common use cases of cobots include assembly procedures that require precision and repetition such as screwdriving part fitting and insertion finishing tasks such as consistent polishing sanding and buffing of materials machine tending tasks including computer numerical control CNC injection molding and in-circuit testing and Order picking and packaging such as in warehouse distribution centers cobots are used in Industries like Logistics Healthcare agriculture construction and education to name a few needless to say a cobot is like having a trusty sidekick that’s always down to do the heavy lifting foreign

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