What is Google Bard?

ChatGPT has been a leader in the AI race, but what about Bard, its direct competitor in development by Google? While not yet at the same technical level as other chatbots on the market, Bard is a generative AI service that provides concise answers to queries, similar to a Google search, but without an endless list of search results.

Bard is Google’s new AI powered chatbot built on Google’s language model for dialogue applications or lamda. It’s designed to answer questions and provide information like a Google search, but in a more refined manner. Rather than giving users an endless list of web pages Bard generates simple answers that provide more context to the questions asked. If a user asked Bard to compare two different laptop models, it would provide a refined list of comparisons.

Ultimately, Bard’s information retrieval is what sets it apart from other chatbots. It pulls from data in real time and was trained on conversational data as opposed to books, articles and other written materials, making it a chattier chatbot with up to date knowledge. However, Bard doesn’t have the same generative capabilities as other chatbots like chat GPT In other words, Bard isn’t going to write that essay you’ve been procrastinating, nor is it going to turn your face into a self portrait Bard is anticipated to support Google search and integrate with websites and messaging systems.

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