What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt engineering is an important process in the development of AI chatbots. It involves the creation of input prompts to produce a desired outcome, with the continuous goal of ensuring these outputs are accurate and appropriate. Some prompt engineering practices include fine-tuning chatbots to produce outputs consistent with different professional settings, as well as correcting their existing vulnerabilities.

Prompt engineering is an umbrella term for the training processes behind AI language models. In this context, a prompt is an input that goes into a program like chat GPT, Bard, or Dall-E. Since these programs are relatively new, prompt engineering is an important practice that ensures they will produce an accurate output. In the business world. Prompt engineering is being used to adjust language models to operate in different enterprise situations.

For example, if a business wants to use a chatbot for customer service purposes, a prompt engineer designs and identifies prompts that produce an appropriate and accessible output. In this case, a prompt might be how can I transfer files between two laptops, and the response would ideally be helpful and straightforward. If however, the model returns with inaccessible tech gibberish, a prompt engineer would have to make adjustments. Aside from this prompt engineering also corrects existing vulnerabilities in these programs, such as prompt hacking, with learning models becoming more widely used. Effective prompt engineering is key for enterprise developers looking to ensure these programs are not only reliable, but safe as well.

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